Tire Services

Tire maintenance is more important on a motorcycle compared to your other vehicle because your safety depends on it. Motorcycle tires wear differently and have a direct impact on the handling. Proper tire pressure should be a regular check for a daily driver. Best practice is to check the tire pressure before going on a ride. A considerable difference is outside temperature, from one day to another, can result in a five pound drop or raise in tire pressure which will have a big effect on handling and tire wear.

We offer the following tire services:

  • mounting and balancing with just bring the wheel/s
  • complete service by bringing the motorcycle and we will handle the removal of the wheel/s and replacement of tires
  • wheel bearing inspection and replacement
  • cush drive and sprocket inspection and replacement
  • tube replacement
  • drive shaft inspection if applicable
  • chain adjustment
  • brake wear inspection 

We have various tires in stock which cover a wide range of motorcycles. If you would like a special size, thread or compound (including track only slicks) please call in advance and we can help with that request.

Please call or email for an appointment and pricing.