Suspension on stock motorcycles is made to cover a wide range of rider weights. The factory doesn’t know how much the consumer weighs when buying their bike. 

All suspension units on all bikes will not work correctly for anyone. The springs have to be set to the proper rate for the individual who is riding the bike. The next part of suspension is the internal valving which controls the motion of which suspension unit absorbs the bump or hole the bike is hitting. This too needs to be adjusted for the rider’s weight. It doesn’t matter what you ride, the factory suspension will probably not be for your weight. We can help you with all your suspension needs, from cruisers, touring, sports, to race bikes. 

We can set your stock suspension to the correct springs sag number and the valving as close as we can as to the adjustability of the forks and the rear shock will allow it. This will make a big difference on how the bike feels when you’re driving. Not all motorcycle models have external adjustable valving on the stock suspension. 

We work with a lot of the factory and aftermarket suspension providers like Ohlins, Wilburs, GP Suspension, Penske, Race Tech and many others. 

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