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Thank you Bill for a fine installation and great advice,


I first became aware of your shop by word of mouth I was looking over a used bike and the owner recommended your shop to give her the once over as you had when they bought the bike. Well I didn’t end up with that bike instead brought home my 06 ZX-14.


Your shop has been great about advice, given from first hand experience with tact and common sense, which makes referring other to you a no brainer.


Your first install for my bike was the ubiquitous Frame slider by Muzzy and a Cortech tank bag. Followed by a larger fan and water wetter to guard against the heat the big motor puts out when easing thru the city.


My favorite modification so far is the handlebars by Spiegler of Dayton Ohio I have included pictures of your clean, installation and have some input on the features and benefits obtained.


The Kawasaki ZX-14 is known to be fast and smooth but the testers who described the riding position as comfortable must be 30 years younger than this 53 year old rider who suffered from neck pain till your installation of Helibars risers.

I still suffered from numbness and tingling in my right hand and no amount of exercises, or treatments helped. I was at wits end when

your staff recommended the bars by Spiegler who distribute the LSL bars which feature:


* Increased comfort and a relaxed riding position- no more numb hands or knots between the shoulder blades.


* Improved control with better leverage and instant turn in. The Bridgestone BT-016 also helps no doubt with confidence and grip.


* The hardware on the bars, color matched coated stainless steel lines and anodized fitting look fantastic.


* Poway Motorcycle mounted everything cleanly and with full function in mind.


* Bars turn fully lock to lock with no interference from the fairing, lines or controls.


* Bill stated that when using a throttle lock on a long trip I would wonder how I rode without it! How right he was.


Thanks to Poway Motorcycle for quality work and great advice. I rate them Five Stars and will recommend to all.


Next up the oil change Ear Cannon install and foot pegs…PC III and exhaust to follow.


Don Potter Ramona California



San Diego, CA

4 star rating11/30/2008

These guys are awesome!  I brought my motorcycle to Poway Motorcycle for a new

rear tire, and it was done in half an hour after I signed the work order.


My sv650s is my first motorcycle, so one can imagine that I absolutely love it

as a man a third testicle or a woman a third ovary with enough eggs for a

lifetime.  Simply put, nothing but the BEST for my third testicle.   After a

little research online, I decided that I wanted a multi-compound tire for the



I arrived at the shop with my best effort to cover up my 4 month newb stench.

However, Bill – a self-proclaimed – “motorcycle-nerd” who services a lot of

track day bikes (and has ridden track days himself) noticed the 1.5cm “chicken

strips” on my rear tire.  For the sake of my safety, he candidly and tactfully

convinced me to go with a rear tire with a compound that matches the front.

Those of you who wonder why: the extra traction on the rear tire would make

turns appear to feel better than the front tire’s traction limit would allow.

Honestly, I haven’t ridden enough to read the feedback at the level that would

allow me to use the added benefit of triple-compound tires.


This is the first servicing experience I’ve had for my bike so I’ll give you the

invoice and let you compare:

BT021 REAR – 118.95$

Service – 0.5 hr at 71$/hr – $35.50

Recycle/environmental fee – $4.95

Tax – $9.22

Total – $168.62


In summary, Bridgestone BT-021 are the best for my bike (for now).  Also, I

would recommend this service shop for riders of ALL levels – from track day

racers to newbs like me.


By the way, Coney Island Pizza serves some really good NY style pizza at 2

slices + soda for $5.50 across the street.  Friendly service, too!

Customer feedback


Hey Bill – Just wanted to let you know that that 45 T rear sprocket on my VFR is just great!  Jim K. and I ran out to Borrego, down then up Montezuma, and it is really nice.  Also on the freeway I like it too.  Thanks to you and also please tell Bud Thanks for a job well done.  See you again soon.  Jim R.




The bike’s AWESOME and you are right, it sounds amazing! You guys did a helluva job, and, if you don’t know already, I’m telling everybody about you guys and the great service. Extra thanks to Bud, he got it dialed in and I couldn’t be happier. You are fortunate to have such a passionate tech working alongside you. Bud’s love for bikes and performance is obvious as soon as you fire the engine! Keep up the great work!!!

Joe CBR1000RR


Mike M.


I’ve logged >250,000 miles on motorcycles. Some in Europe but most in the USA. A Former Motorcycle Safety instructor. I’ve been a customer of Poway Motorcycle for more than 10 years, Both Bill and Bud live and breath motorcycles. They know their stuff and their limitations. Their knowledge and experience would be hard to find anywhere else in the USA. These guys are the only ones I would trust with my bikes.


Posted 09/18/08


Bill and Bud,

I want to personally thank you for the excellent service you gave me in repairing my Kawasaki ZX750 and ZX9R. The ZX750 has never run as well as it did today on my return trip home. My ZX9R looks factory fresh with the new parts installed. The mid-band power on the ZX9R is substantially better than before you installed the new pipe assembly. Your pipe recommendation was spot-on!

Thanks again for your superb work.

I look forward to doing business with you in the future.



User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


by nafstap55


I just got my bike (01 CBR 600 F4i) back from it getting its 16000 mile maint, and it feels superb. The pricing, even with a break on new Corsa 3 diablo tires was a bit more than some other more mainstream places like House of Motorcycles, ECC, etc. but the customer service more than made up for it. Bill (the owner) was not only kind, but his knowledge of motorcycles is without reproach. When I went in initially I had the oppurtunity to talk to Bud the mechanic that would be working on my bike. He explained to me everything he would do to the bike. He was curtious and throughly answered all of the questions that I asked. This place is definitley my go to for all motorcycle maint. that I may need. Even though fees may be cheaper elsewhere, I will stay with this place as long as I am in San Diego. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my baby.



Chris Y.


Bill Cain specializes in service that most bikers will not notice at first. Methodically working at a perfection pace with the goal to provide the ultimate product, a quality serviced bike delivered.


Posted 11/08/07


Ed T.


I’ve been a customer for over 10 years. I have never had any problems whatsoever with Poway Motorcycle. In fact, their customer support and maintenance has been consistently outstanding! I highly recommend Poway Motorcycle.


Posted 04/28/07