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February 23, 2017

We will be opening late at 12:00 Thursday February 23, 2017 as we attend funeral services.

Poway Motorcycle lost a good friend and customer when he was hit by car that crossed over the double yellow lines on Highland Valley Road February 2, 2017.

God speed John.


February 25, 2017 (This event has been canceled due to rain.)

We will be open normal hours this Saturday.

The shop will be closing at 2 pm as we are headed to Auto Club Speedway for a track day. So all the guys can work on their bragging rights.


Customer selling his bike.

2013 Triumph Tiger  800XC
Contact Ryan at 619-964-1047



Our Track Day got rained out, which doesn’t happen very much here in California. 🙁

We are off to another track day at Auto Club Speedway on Sunday 11-27-2016, maybe we will see you there.

Dave went on Saturday to Auto Club Speedway and knocked 2 seconds off his his lap time. He is starting to get the R6 sorted out, good job Dave.



We are closing early this Saturday for a special event. Closing time will be 2:00 pm.



Doug Burbidge is selling his EX650 2014.

Please contact him directly at 805-689-4443




Eugene Goldman is selling his CN250 Helix 1997.

Please contact him directly at 619-850-7950.




Our Willow Springs tack day was great and everyone had a good time. Dave was the fastest of the group on the R6 that Bud built for him. I tried to run him down on the front straight, but could only gain one bike length, man that thing is fast. Lynn was second, then Bill, Craig, and Bud.


Team Poway is off to Willow Springs Raceway October 24, 2016 for another track day on the 2.5 mile circuit.
We will be closed Tuesday October 25, 2016 as we will be returning from a track day at Willow Springs Raceway.


The next event is our annual vacation to Laguna Seca Raceway and a week of riding the roads in northern California. For this event the shop will be closed from July 6, 2016 returning on July 19, 2016.

June 4, 2016

Team Poway had a great track day, with everyone coming home in one piece. Bill, Bud, Dave employees and Craig, Lynn, and Os customers were there. It was windy and 103 degrees HOT!


We have been working on Dave’s R6 and with help from Marc from Factory Pro Tuning, the bike finally ran good. Marc worked his magic on the ECU and Dave was flying!!

Thanks Marc we could not have done it without your help!


Dave with his new found power was the fastest, with Lynn 2nd, Bud 3rd, Bill 4th, Craig 5th, and Os 6th. The times between Bill, Bud, and Craig were within .4 of a second.


May 24, 2016

The shop will be closed May 31, 2016 as we return from Willow Springs Raceway.

May 30th 2016 at Willow Springs Raceway (big track) Team Poway is doing a trackday with Motoyard if anybody is interested in making the trip to play. We are all signed up in the group B. Hope we see you there. For information go to motoyard.com


The shop is closing at 2:00 pm Saturday 4-30-16 until 9:00 am Thursday 5-5-16 when we return from our annual birthday day ride. Happy birthday to Bud, Bill, Craig, and Chrissy.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at Poway Motorcycle.

We will be closed on the December 25th and January 1th.



Our vacation was great right up to the last day when I crashed and broke my right knee. It was my entire fault which makes it that more embarrassing. The bike was not hurt too bad and Bud and Craig lifted me on to bike and I drove it back to the base camp.

Well Rossi would say Ah f—k!

The doctors have always been able to screw me back together and they did so again this time. The recovery is going just fine and I started riding my street bike on December 6, 2015. Yea!! I hate four wheels.




Poway Motorcycle is closing for vacation. The shop will be closed starting September 26, 2015, reopening October 6, 2015.

It is time again for our annual trip to Lagina Seca and the shop will be closed from July 11 through July the 20.

May 31st track day at Fontana was perfect weather with moderate wind. The wind was constant so it didn’t  make driving bad, it just slowed lap times down about a half a second. Ivan ran in the race group where he belongs, Craig, Bud, and I ran in the middle group. Craig set fast time of the three of us with me next and Bud third. Bud had top speed and I had the most laps. 160 miles. There was some different interpretation of the passing rule for entering turned 12. Craig got two meatball flags for breaking the passing rule, Bud and I each got one meatball flag. Dave didn’t ride as he was still healing from his broken collarbone from his Buttowillow crash. I had some brake fade throughout the day and we never fixed the issue while we were at the track. Hopefully we will get that repaired before the next event.

Coming up next for team Poway Motorcycle will be Laguna Seca.

The shop will be closing at 2:pm Saturday May 30 2015

It is time for our next track day At Auto Club Speedway Sunday May 31 2015


ButtonWillow Raceway

We did our first track-day of the year at Buttonwillow on Monday March 23rd. Team Poway went in full force this time, me, Bud, Craig, Dave, and Ivan. The weather was awesome at 74 degrees temperature, partly cloudy, and 8 mph winds. Ivan had the fastest lap time, Bud had the fastest top speed, and I had the most laps, 141 miles. Dave low-sided about 13:25 hours and rebroke his collar bone from his November street crash. Ah fuck! He was in good spirits and not in too much pain. The rest of us had a good time and came home in one piece.

The shop will be closed Tuesday March 24 2015

ButtonWillow Raceway Monday March 23 2015 Fastrack Riders Team Poway Motorcycle is going. If you have question call or email me.

Extra Strong Grom 125 Extra plate clutch kit

Poway Motorcycle has developed an extra plate clutch kit for the Honda Grom motors. This kit provides 17% more surface area for those big motor kits. The kit comes with 5 steel clutch plates, 6 fiber clutch plates, and a set of clutch springs. We have to machine the clutch pressure plate and the clutch center to except the two extra plates. You must send these pieces to use for machining. The cost of the kit is $203.95 plus tax and shipping. Call or email with questions.

ZX7 Water Pump Repair

Poway Motorcycle has developed a way to repair ZX7 1989 & 1990 and  ZX750R 1987 though 1990 water pumps to like new condition.

Please call or email for more details.

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